SlumberType App Uses DNA Information to Create Sleep Insights

Exploragen, a new DNA lifestyle company, launched its first iOS app available exclusively on, an online marketplace of DNA-powered products that offer insights on nutrition, fitness, health, ancestry, family, and entertainment.

Called SlumberType, Exploragen states that its new lifestyle app provides insights on the genetics of sleep and enables people to understand the way it is influenced by DNA. By analyzing four sleep measurements—chronotype, sleep quality, sleep onset latency, and sleep duration—the app helps users determine whether they are a morning or night person, how long it may take them to fall asleep, the duration and quality of their sleep, and how these may impact other areas of their lives.

Likewise, SlumberType also contains tools and trackers to monitor everyday behaviors that affect sleep. The app will be available on the Helix platform beginning July 24.

“Our bodies function at their best when we get the right amount of sleep. SlumberType will allow people to understand how their unique biology, combined with their daily habits and activities, affects their sleep patterns, so they can optimize their lifestyle for better sleep,” says Exploragen co-founder and head of science Sara Riordan, in a release.

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