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Partnership is in our DNA

At Exploragen, our deep expertise in the science of DNA allows us to explore its potential—to help personalize people’s experiences as well the products and services they may want to use. We partner with companies large and small to help them bring DNA-based insights and tools that will personalize their products.

Ways to Partner with Exploragen:

Exploragen as a DNA-based app developer:

Want to build a DNA-based app but don’t have the genetics knowledge? We can help. Our team of scientists have deep expertise, and we can help you decide which DNA markers have strong enough scientific evidence to support your app. Inquire Now >

Exploragen for Research:

Are you a scientist doing a DNA-based study and want tracking tools for longitudinal data collection? We can help. We have built DNA-based apps that can be used in studies on sleep or caffeine metabolism tracking. Want to track something else? Talk to us. We would love to work with you to build a custom app for you. Inquire Now >

Exploragen as a partner for consumer product development:

Are you a company looking for a unique way to customize your product to your consumers? We can help. DNA can be the ultimate personalization tool. At Exploragen, we can provide deep scientific insight and expertise to any company wanting to bring DNA-based innovation into their products.Inquire Now >

Other ways to partner:

If you have ideas on other ways we can work together, get in touch!

Partnering Inquiries