Frequently Asked Questions 2018-12-04T05:41:29-08:00

FAQs: Exploragen

What is Exploragen? 2018-01-15T18:12:04-08:00

We are a DNA lifestyle company that empowers people to use insights from their DNA to make their everyday lives better. Our fun, engaging apps, based on rigorous science, tell users about the lifestyle traits influenced by their DNA.

How is Exploragen different from Helix? 2018-02-06T13:35:41-08:00

Exploragen and Helix have partnered together, each serving different functions. Helix is a lab that sequences your DNA. They also provide a marketplace of DNA powered products. Exploragen currently offers one product that is available on the Helix marketplace. The Exploragen app interprets your DNA data that is securely transferred from Helix to provide you with personalized insights about how your DNA influences your sleep and more.

How do I know your science is solid? 2018-01-15T17:40:15-08:00

Our founders spent many years serving in the clinical genetics world, and have a sound commitment to scientific integrity. The scientists at Exploragen carefully curate the scientific literature and incorporate data from only the strongest published, peer-reviewed studies into our apps. We value transparency and share references with our customers. In cases where the science is early, we let you know that, too.

How is my DNA sequenced? 2018-01-15T17:40:31-08:00

Our partner, the personal genomics company Helix, handles the sequencing. Helix’s proprietary technology, called Exome+, reads every letter of all 22,000 protein-coding genes in your body. You can think of sequencing as reading the book of your personal genetics—every base (T, C, G, and A) is read in order. Using a reference sequence (a model sequence to compare to), Helix can determine when a base in an individual is different and the specific position of that variation within the person’s DNA.

Do I have to get sequenced to use Exploragen products? 2018-01-15T17:40:47-08:00

Yes. In order to use our apps, you must be sequenced by Helix. To ensure the quality and accuracy of the DNA used for this service, products in the Helix marketplace do not accept genetic data from outside sources. And, once you’ve been sequenced by Helix, you can purchase more DNA-based lifestyle apps from a variety of categories like fitness, nutrition, entertainment, and more—all without having to get sequenced again.

How does Helix provide my DNA information to Exploragen? Is it shared with anyone else? 2018-01-15T17:41:01-08:00

Your DNA information is stored securely by Helix. When sequencing is complete, Helix only sends the relevant DNA information needed by Exploragen to generate your results. We do not share your personal information linked with your DNA data with anyone without your permission. We always maintain high standards when it comes to the security and privacy of your DNA information.

How do I learn more about how Exploragen uses my information? 2018-01-15T17:42:45-08:00

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Exploragen stores genetic data in an encrypted storage system and access is tightly controlled, in accordance with industry best practices. Exploragen will not share any of your identifying information linked with your DNA data with any external party without your explicit consent. You control what happens to your data, and you can ask Exploragen to remove your DNA data at any time. You can find additional details in the Exploragen Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

How do I view my results? 2018-01-15T17:43:01-08:00

Exploragen will send you an email when your results are ready to be viewed online.

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